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Embodied Movement For Empowered Leaders with Phoebe Leona (The Green Door Life)

Embodied Movement for Empowered Leaders is a guided session that utilizes accessible movement and meditations to build trust and emotional intelligence so that you can become a more confident, empathetic, and empowered leader.

Come ready to be open to new ways of moving, seeing, and connecting within yourself to lead in alignment with your heart.

During our time, Phoebe Leona will first lead you in grounding the body and then take you through a journey of exploring and moving energies that we don't usually give attention so that we can understand them as they come up within ourselves and when witnessing others who are in the experience of them in a way that is safe, grounded, and freeing.

This interactive workshop offers a movement, somatic/embodiment, and expanded awareness practices as tools to connect to our own innate emotional intelligence.

It can be in regular clothing and even sitting in a chair at work if needed.

A recording will be available within 72 hours for Green Door Life members who can't make it live.


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