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Emmaus House of Harlem (CLOSED TO PUBLIC)


Our Body Knows: Unpack the Stories Within to Become Embodied & Empowered

See and experience the body in a new way on an energetic level to begin to liberate the old stories we want to release. Phoebe shares her personal story of grief after a year of great loss that led her to understand how to decode her body's messages which began her own physical and emotional recovery from her childhood. From Phoebe's inspirational story, she gives you an opportunity to listen to your own body in the present moment.

Phoebe shares readings from her book, Dear Radiant One...An Emotional Recovery Story and Transformational Guide to Embody the Dance of Life, along with easy and tangible practices that can come home with you to feel more at peace with grief and forgiveness.


Emmaus House Inc. is a Harlem-based 501(c)(3) public charity founded in 1966 by Fr. David Kirk to empower those in need, breaking the cycle of poverty at its root. Our organization has been a stalwart of service for over 53 years in the Harlem community. 

Emmaus House is a supportive, healing, inclusive, faith-based community for people in transition who empower themselves (and others) to build a society of compassion, opportunity, equity, and justice. Collectively we nurture, heal, build resilience, and lift one another up to our highest potential. Through relationships, we educate and mobilize the larger community to address issues of poverty and injustice while working together for peace and social change. We strive to heal ourselves, our community and the world. 

This event is closed to the public but you could learn more about Emmaus House and support their work below:
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